Haliburton County Living: Catching The Travel Bug

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Bessie Sullivan

Spring is definitely on its way.  When the threat of snow ends, I start to want to travel again.  These destinations don’t have to be exotic; it could be a Saturday outing to the Dorset Fire Tower, or geocaching in Highland’s East, but getting out on the road after a long winter seems appealing.

A friend of mine read Loving Frank by Nancy Horan which is the novel about Frank Lloyd Wright and his affair with Mamah Cheney.  My friend then went on a Frank Lloyd Wright odyssey where she visited as many of his structures as possible.  I like this notion of theme travel and a book arrived to our system last week that fits right into this category.  How to Read New York: A crash course on Big Apple architecture by Will Jones.  This is a beautiful pocket sized book with detailed descriptions of many New York landmarks.  Of course my favourite is the New York Public Library.  I could see myself wandering around the city with this book, for each building you are given a location, the date built, the architect, and a couple of pages of description.

Lonely Planet 2013

Another recent publication that can help you plan your theme trip is Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013: The Best Trends, Destinations, Journeys and Experiences for the Upcoming Year.  This book takes theme travel to new heights, there is actually a description of the “Oddest Food Museums”, you could plan a trip around the world and learn the history of Raman Noodles and Spam.  Always wanted a tattoo?  There is a list for the best place to get one of those too.

If odd food and body art isn’t your thing what about World Heritage sites?  You don’t even have to leave Canada for those; we are home to 16 of the world’s 962 sites.  You can read about most of them in World Heritage Sites: A Complete Guide to 890 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (Additional sites have been ratified since the book’s publication)  A helpful feature in this book is that the sites are indexed both by country and alphabetically.

world heritage sites

Where ever you want to go, no matter how close or far we probably have something in book form to help you.  However, we also have a fabulous on-line database available 24/7 from our new website www.haliburtonlibrary.ca,  the database is call Global Road Warrior and has information on 175 countries in the world with subheadings such as business culture, climate, food, medical services, and currency.

Even if you just want to stay home and be an armchair traveller, the Haliburton County Public Library has something for you.

* Originally published on April 4th in Haliburton County Living


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