Book of the Month: Defending Jacob by William Landay

Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob by William Landay

A recent sleeper hit, Defending Jacob follows Andy Barber, long-time assistant DA for an affluent suburban Massachusetts community. Andy is about to take on the case of his life: a young boy has been found murdered, stabbed to death in the woods. Jacob, Andy’s fourteen-year-old son, was a classmate of the boy and, blindsiding everyone, he has just been charged with the murder. Andy’s prosecutorial gut insists a child molester is the real killer, but as Jacob’s trial proceeds and Andy’s marriage crumbles under the forced revelation of old secrets, horror builds toward a shocking outcome. If you are a fan of the riveting courtroom dramas of Scott Turow or the gritty, suspenseful thrillers of Gillian Flynn, Defending Jacob is a novel to add to your to-read list. It is available in a variety of formats at your Library.

* originally published as a portion of “Reads of the Month” in The Haliburton Echo on May 7th and The Minden Times on May 8th


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