Library Moments: Wilberforce Building Project

Recent editions of Library Moments have featured interviews with Tim Van Bodegom, a student partcipating in the Fleming College Sustainable Building Design and Construction Program. Students enrolled in this program are building a new 2,000 square foot sustainable library branch in Wilberforce.

Bessie Sullivan spoke with Tim about the Sustainable Building program offered at Fleming, and on the new library, which we anticipate will open sometime in the fall.

The Sustainable Building Design and Construction program is a 20-week program, which present the opportunity for 26 students from across Canada to design and construct a sustainable building featuring green and energy-saving technologies. Students gain hands on experience working with project consultants, inspectors, and tradespeople, and are involved in all aspects of constructing a cutting-edge sustainable building.

Sustainable features of the new Wilberforce library will include: a green roof, and straw bale insulation.

To give you a sneak peak of the new library building, below are two computer generated images of the future branch.

Wilberforce 1Wilberforce 2


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