HCPL’s Celebrity Reader

MichaelPixMichael Fay discusses Journey: Making Decisions When Your Life Depends On It by Anje Bruch-Hilkers

This month’s Celebrity Reader is Michael Fay from Minden.

journeyJourney: Making Decisions When Your Life Depends On It is written by Algonquin Highlands resident, Anje Bruch-Hilkers. Written after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, the book is a series of essays written as she underwent treatment. As part of the Algonquin Highlands Writer’s circle, she attended regular meetings as she wrote about her experience with cancer. Michael was introduced to the book by his wife, Fay, who attended the formal launch of the book in June.

“I devoured it,” says Michael. “I’m a cancer survivor and always look for fine reading material.”

Elegant and engaging, Michael describes Anje’s book as “a quick and easy read and anyone in a family faced with a ‘frightening’ diagnosis would benefit, likely marking passages, filling the margins with notes, jamming post-its throughout.”

“However, the journey is described in all the wild, chaotic rush involved in a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Anje zeroes in on the perfect strategy to deal with the journey that more and more families face.”

Michael, an author himself, found a shared experience between one of the essays from Anje’s journey, and a story that he has published. “Coincidentally, there is a beautiful and brief memory in the book about the author as a young girl in a children’s’ ward of a hospital, with one of the patients facing imminent death. This is the plot of The Healer, one of my digital long form stories.”

Thank-you, Michael, for being this month’s Celebrity Reader! Journey: Making Decisions When Your Life Depends On It by Anje Bruch-Hilkers is available to reserve at the Haliburton County Public Library. As well, Michael Fay’s story, The Healer, is available as an e-book through our Overdrive platform accessible at www.haliburtonlibrary.ca.

*Originally published in the Mindent Times on July 30th, 2014.


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