50 stories: A true community centre #hcpl50

HL mindenThis week’s story was submitted by Roberta Coles from Minden.

“Our family has used and supported the Haliburton County Library System ever since we moved to the Highlands almost 20 years ago.  When my daughters were young, we made frequent trips to the Minden Branch to borrow our quota of books to enjoy for the week.   Our regular visits to the library must have made an impression, as one of my daughters is now a librarian, and the other is a teacher. While I still visit the library to borrow the occasional book, DVD or Book Club Set for my book club, I now usually download the books I read through the Overdrive Library Service.

I strongly believe that the Haliburton Country Library System is one of our county’s greatest assets. It is a true community centre where, regardless of income, people have access to a world of information through the internet, books, magazines, newspapers and film.  Despite those that warn of the demise of the public library, in small, rural communities like Haliburton, maintaining a strong public library system is more important than ever. We need to ensure that our libraries receive adequate funding so that they can remain relevant and best serve the people of the county.”



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