50 stories: Lose yourself… #hcpl50

This week’s story is from Sally Kenerson who visits our Gooderham branch.

“Where else in the physical world can one find:

CIA assassins, 19th century detectives, a mute boy who runs away with his dogs, Parisian ballerinas, Hunter S. Thompson, a politician who always tells the truth, vampires that sparkle in the sunlight, bats, butterflies, kings, queens, women who go back in time to meet dashing Scotsmen, a girl who can take out a force field with an arrow, and a kid who rows his boat to “where the wild things are”?

I’ll tell you where. They’re all in one place. They, and more than you can imagine (unless you have an unbounded imagination – which you may) are all tucked safely into the comforting, chilling, exuberant pages of – wait for it – BOOKS.

Pick one up at… well, hokey smoke, where one does one find a book in the age of Kindle… Your local library!

Hold it in your hands, open it up, breath it in, and, to quote Marshall Mathers, “Lose yourself”.


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