HCPL’s Book of the Month: Between Gods

between godsBetween Gods by Alison Pick
Available in print and ebook on Overdrive

From the Man Booker-nominated author of the novel Far to Go comes an unflinching, moving and unforgettable memoir about family secrets and the rediscovered past. Alison Pick was raised in a supportive, loving family. She grew up laughing with her sister and cousins, and doting on her grandparents. Then as a teenager, Alison made a discovery that instantly changed her understanding of her family, and her vision for her own life, forever. She learned that her grandparents, who had escaped from the Czech Republic during WWII, were Jewish and that most of the paternal side of her family had died in concentration camps. She also discovered that her own father had not known of this history until, in his twenties, he had a chance encounter with an old family friend–and then he, too, had kept the secret from Alison and her sister.

In this by times raw, by times sublime memoir, Alison recounts her struggle with her journey to convert to Judaism, her battle with depression, and her path towards facing and accepting the past and embracing the future.

Between Gods by Alison pick is one of the nominees for the 2015 Evergreen™ Award. Read as many as you like from the list and vote for your favourite in October!


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