County Life: Haliburton County Reads begins July 8th

What book should everyone in Haliburton County Read? We aim to find out during this year’s Haliburton County Reads: The Summer Sessions on 100.9 CANOE FM. Starting July 8th, five dedicated readers will each bring to the table a book that they feel everyone in Haliburton should read. From there, they will defend their book – each episode one book will get voted to be put back on the shelf. The last book on the table will be the focus of the Haliburton County Public Library’s “One Book One Community” upcoming programming.

This is the fourth season of Haliburton County Reads: The Summer Sessions, and as usual each book brought forward by the readers is a winner in its own right, making the decision to pick only one that much harder. In fact, each of the five books is one that everyone in Haliburton County should put on their to-read list. Aside from the very serious business of choosing a book – which will be tackled with a very healthy dose of laughter – other questions will be explored such as what makes a book that everyone in Haliburton County should read, do great books always make great movies, what would a book look like written by another author, the differences between male and female writers, and what exactly is “fifth business”, Mr. Davies?

If you would like to get a jump on reading the titles before the episodes air, here they are along with their defenders:

all my puny sorrowsAll My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews, defended by Anne-Marie Borthwick

Elf and Yoli are loving sisters who couldn’t be more different. Elf is a genius, a world renowned pianist. Yoli is a floundering children’s author trying to break into literary fiction. Elf is married to a successful husband living in a nice house. Yoli is divorced with two kids and a chaotic household. Elf wants to die. Yoli wants Elf to live.

fifth businessFifth Business by Robertson Davies, defended by Greg Roe

Dunstan Ramsay is a man twice born, once in the small town of Deptford, Ontario where a dodged snowball leads to a cascade of unintended consequences, and again in the hell of the battlefield of Passchendaele during WWI. As Dunstan looks back on his life, memory, history, and myth collide to show that no act, however innocent or innocuous, is insignificant.


the masked riderThe Masked Rider by Neil Peart, defended by Sean Pennylegion

Neil Peart, world traveler and drummer for the Canadian rock band Rush, describes his cycling tour across Cameroon during one of the more politically tumultuous times in its history, billed as the most challenging bike tour in the world. Bringing with him Aristotle, Dante, and van Gogh, Peart describes the toughness of the terrain, his uneven relationships with his travelling companions, and the unique perspective of the world that traveling at people speed can give you.

punishmentPunishment by Linden MacIntyre, defended by Jenn Watt

What is the right thing? Kingston Pen guard Tony Breau is forced into retirement, limping back to his small Nova Scotia hometown to lick his wounds. There he is surprised to find Dwayne Strickland, a con he came to know in the system, who is in trouble again – this time accused of murder. As the village reels over the death of one of their young people, Tony grapples with questions of identity, judgement, and the consequences of doing the right thing.

up and downUp and Down by Terry Fallis, defended by Angus Sullivan

David Stewart has just made the jump from the public sector to the world of corporate PR. Tasked with revitalizing NASA’s reputation and reenergizing the public’s interest in space exploration, David launches the citizen astronaut project. But when Canada’s selection turns out to be an aged lesbian doctor and bush pilot with a life-long ambition to go into space, the more conservative higher ups in his PR firm are gunning for her and David to fail. Can David do the right thing but still keep his job?

All of these titles are available at the Haliburton County Public Library. To find out which book is the winner, tune in to Haliburton County Reads: The Summer Sessions Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 11am on 100.9 CANOE FM starting July 8th.


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