HCPL’s DVD of the Month: McFarland, USA

mcfarlandIt’s 1987 and hardnosed high school football coach, Jim White, finds himself in trouble when he throws a shoe at one of his underperforming players. Fired, he and his family move to the economically depressed town of McFarland, California, and instantly Jim has trouble fitting in.

After alienating himself by overruling the football coach at his new school, Jim puts together a cross-country team made up of boys who are having trouble in school – whether cut from the football team, tormented by bullies, or dealing with other tough issues in their young lives. Jim puts the boys through their paces, running them through town in preparation for their first meet. As the McFarland team hits the track at Palo Alto, they are horribly taunted by the other schools, and Jim has his work cut out for him to get the team into championship shape. In the process he helps them, and they help him, overcome adversity on the field and in their personal lives.

McFarland, USA is inspired by the true story of the 1987 cross-country team from McFarland High School in California. It is available to reserve at the Haliburton County Public Library.


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