50 stories: Thank-you for being a Friend! #hcpl50

This week’s story is from Robert and Ann McIvor.


I first started using the Stanhope Library when we were had a cottage  on Little Hawk Lake very close to 50 years ago. We chose  a  a  great many books at the Stanhope Library. When we moved to Haliburton 15 years ago, I helped form a group called, “Friends of the Haliburton Library,” and became their initial treasurer.

I’ve always enjoyed the fantastic selection of books. James Patterson and Stuart Woods are my favourite mystery writers but I’ve always enjoyed all the stories by Alexander McCall Smith as well. Now I order most of my books on line and I pick up most of them at Dysart. We’ve come to enjoy the superb selection and most courteous and helpful staff in the entire Haliburton Library system.

Many Thanks for all their help.

Yours most sincerely,
Robert and Ann McIvor

The Friends of Haliburton County Public Library are still going strong! To find out about the Friends, or to become a Friend visit the Friends of HCPL page on our website. Want to see what the Friends have done for HCPL? Check out their YouTube Channel.


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