50 stories: I feel like I am in a whole new world #hcpl50

Photograph by Simon Cooks (licensed under CC by 2.0)

Photograph by Simon Cooks (licensed under CC by 2.0)

This week’s story is from Rosa Mattless who visits our Wilberforce branch.

When I finally visited my father-in-law on his 98th birthday, he treated us to a meal in the building’s dining room. We walked a bit and I sensed “the room” beckoning me to see what it occupied. My father-in-law & I were at the doorframe of this unknown room to him and he lived in this building for four years?! A kind lady came out and invited us in. When we realized it was a library, this lady acknowledged our look, it was as if we died and went to heaven. Actually, she said we were speechless and frozen in our spot. Come in, Come in, she said. The librarian asked my father-in-law of some old time author and he was well aware of the author and smiled with his comment, in reply. I wish my father-in-law was alive for me to ask who the author was, I had forgotten, and it was a peculiar name, too. You know what, I think my father-in-law’s spirit is in that room right now beckoning me to; come in, come in and read that peculiar-named author’s books and smile as he did when reading these books. My father-in-law at his house had books coming out of his ears, so to speak. One would think; oh more books who cares but no, seeing this library for my father-in-law was like he entered heaven. I too, when I visit a library feel like I am in a whole new world.


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