Library Moments: Fiction from 1965

Bessie Sullivan: Hello, I’m Bessie Sullivan from the Haliburton County Public Library and this is Library Moments. Once a week some of us from the library will come and talk about books, upcoming events, or the services we offer at the library.

As of January 1st, 2015 Haliburton County Public Library was fifty years old.  There are four municipalities that make up Haliburton County, all of which have a history of libraries older than fifty years, but in 1964 county council made the decision to amalgamate the four municipal library systems into one.

So far this year we have told you about books on the banned list in 1965, popular children’s books from 1965, movies that won academy awards in 1965, and popular non-fiction from 1965.

This week on Library Moments Sherrill Sherwood, Erin Kernohan-Berning and I will each tell you about a work of fiction that was published in 1965.

the sacket brandSherrill Sherwood, Collections Development: The Sacketts are the unforgettable pioneer family created by master storyteller Louis L’Amour to bring to vivid life the spirit and adventure of the American frontier. They are the men and women who challenged the untamed wilderness with their dreams and their courage. Each Sackett novel is a complete, exciting historical adventure and, as a group, they form an epic story of the building of a nation. The series is readable in any order, though some names do recur. In 1965’s The Sackett Brand, Tell Sackett and his bride Ange came to Arizona to build a home and start a family. But on Black Mesa something goes terribly wrong. Tell is ambushed and badly injured. When he finally manages to drag himself back to where he left Ange, she is gone. Desperate, cold, hungry, and with no way to defend himself, Tell is stalked like a wounded animal. Hiding from his attackers, his rage and frustration mounting, he tries to figure out who the men are, why they are trying to kill him, and what has happened to his wife. Discovering the truth will be risky. And when he finally does, it will be their turn to run.

the magus 1965Erin Kernohan-Berning, Branch Services Librarian: John Fowles’ novel The Magus is a literary thriller centred around Nicholas Urfe, and Englishman who accepts a teaching position on a remote Greek Island as he grapples with his personal identity and shies away from committing to his Australian girlfriend, Alison. As he walks the island he discovers the grand estate of mysterious millionaire, the English-born Greek, Maurice Conchis. He befriends the man, and is soon drawn into a bizarre psychological experiment where Conchis holds masques – parties hearkening back to the pageantry of the Renaissance – in which he creates illusion, skews reality, and stages eerie situations that make Nicholas question what is real and what is not real… including himself. The Magus was John Fowles first written book (though third published), and sits at number 71 of the American Modern Library’s Readers’ List of the 100 best books of the 20th century. A close neighbour to our One Book One Community selection and winner of Haliburton County Reads 2015, Fifth Business by Robertson Davies (which sits at number 40), Fowles and Davies both shared an interest in Jungian literary criticism which make their books somewhat mind bending. While the Magus was published in 1965, a revised edition came out in 1977.

dune 1965Bessie: Dune by Frank Herbert is set on the desert planet Arrakis, and is the story of the boy Paul Atreides, who would become the mysterious man known as Maud’dib. He would avenge the traitorous plot against his noble family – and would bring to fruition humankind’s most ancient and unattainable dream. A stunning blend of adventure and mysticism, environmentalism and politics, Dune won the first Nebula Award, shared the Hugo Award, and formed the basis of what is viewed as the grandest epic in science fiction. Frank Herbert died in 1986 but not before he had written six Dune books, and seen the original made into a feature length movie in 1984.  After his death, his son Brian found notes that would go on to be the basis of a twelve book prequel to the Dune series co-written with Kevin J. Anderson.

Besides featuring popular collections from 1965, we have many activities planned for this year in celebration of our 50th Anniversary.  We are gathering fifty stories about what the public library means to you.  Tell us your story!   It can be sent to, submitted online through our website, or by filling out a form found at any of the eight branches of the library. Thank you for listening to Library Moments here on 100.9 CanoeFm.

*Originally aired on 100.9 CANOE FM.


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