100 Mile Reading: The Whirlabout

the whirlaboutTenderness/Whirlabout/The Healer
by J. Michael Fay

In this series of short stories by J. Michael Fay, formative life events are explored against the backdrop of the early 20th century. In Tenderness, two cousins are reunited under tragic circumstance, finding solace in their shared heritage. In Whirlabout, young Danny reflects on the lessons he learned from his father as a boy, and the heroic moment in which those lessons were applied. In The Healer, Danny comes down with rheumatic fever and from his hospital bed in the children’s ward copes with his illness and becoming the “big boy” that the nurses keep telling him to be.

Tenderness, The Whirlabout, and The Healer are by local author J. Michael Fay, with cover art by local artist Karen Sloan. They are available at the Haliburton County Public Library in ebook format on Overdrive.


*Originally published in the Haliburton Echo on December 15th, 2015.


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