Book Talks: Hunger of the Wolf and Cravings

HungerOfTheWolfThe Hunger of the Wolf by Stephen Marche

Hunters found his body naked in the snow.

So begins The Hunger of the Wolf by Stephen Marche, one of ten books short listed for 2016’s Evergreen™Award.

The body in the snow is that of Ben Wylie, the heir to America’s second-wealthiest business dynasty. It is found in a remote patch of northern Canada. Far away, in post-crash New York, Jamie Cabot, the son of the Wylie family’s housekeeper, must figure out how and why Ben died. He knows the answer lies in the tortured history of the Wylie family who, over three generations, built up their massive holdings into several billion dollars’ worth of real estate, oil, and information systems, despite a terrible family secret they must keep from the world. The threads of the Wylie men’s destinies, both financial and supernatural, lead twistingly but inevitably to the naked body in the snow and a final, chilling revelation.

Read The Hunger of the Wolf or any of the ten titles vying for the coveted Evergreen Award and vote in the fall for your favorite at any branch of the Haliburton County Public Library.


cravingsCravings by Chrissy Teigan

You may know Chrissy Teigan as a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, or hanging out with Tyra Banks on FABlife, or grooving with LL Cool J on Lip Sync Battle – but did you know that she has a cookbook? A self confessed world class shut-in when she’s not jet setting for business or pleasure, Teigan could easily spend a marathon 12 hours in the kitchen just creating the foods she craves. That’s what her cookbook Cravings is all about – those dishes she wants to make and eat when she doesn’t have to buckle down for her day job. Filled with colour photos, and recipes inspired by her mother’s Thai cooking, her father’s American comfort classics, and her travels with husband John Legend (who also has some home cooking chops and is on the wrong side of a mac n’ cheese feud), all punctuated by the hilarious style of commentary that she’s known for on television. Cravings is full of fun ideas to try in the kitchen and a nice bit of validation for those of us who think date night should involve staying home and eating in.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigan is available to reserve at the Haliburton County Public Library.

*Originally aired on 100.9 CANOE FM.


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