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Bessie Sullivan: Hello, I’m Bessie Sullivan from the Haliburton County Public Library and this is Library Moments. Once a week some of us from the library will come and talk about books, upcoming events, or the services we offer at the library.

At the library we produce many pamphlets, posters, handouts, booklets etc. about some aspect of the library and our services.  Some of these publications are produced on an as needed basis and some come out every year.  

Today on Library Moments Sherrill Sherwood, Erin Kernohan-Berning and I will each talk about one of our recent internal publications and why it might be of interest to you.

fifty stories instaSherrill Sherwood, Collections Development: The stories are from young and old, residents and cottagers – what connects all of them is their love of the library. In 2015 HCPL celebrated its 50th anniversary and as part of that celebration, asked for stories describing how the library has touched you. And you responded. “We come here to get movies and books so we can do things together as a family, and that means a lot to me”; “While we come to the cottage to get away from it all there times when we need to be able to connect to the rest of the world”; “The staff are so helpful and friendly. They remember my choice of books and my favourite authors”. These are a snippet of the story submissions and you will find them in our Fifty Stories And 2015 Staff Picks publication. Started in 2010, all library staff are encouraged to pick their favourite read of the year and submit a review of their chosen title to make up that year’s Staff Picks brochure. 2015’s selection includes fourteen fiction as well as five nonfiction – a great selection to help you find your next great read. Gayle, supervisor of the Stanhope branch, wrote a review of The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny that called to me. Her description reads; I have really enjoyed the mystery series written by Canadian writer Louise Penny. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her latest called The Nature of the Beast and it did not disappoint. It’s always a pleasure to return to Three Pines, the warm, cozy village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec with its great cast of quirky characters. Featuring the now retired Chief Inspector Gamache and starting with the disappearance of an overly imaginative nine year old, a murder and a dark discovery in the woods this is another smart mystery. Wonderful writing with intense thought provoking situations but lightened now and then with a laugh or two. The final author’s note was quite chilling.

Where can you get Fifty Stories And 2015 Staff Picks? At any of the eight library branches in Haliburton County.

LGBT isntaErin Kernohan-Berning, Branch Services Librarian: Our most recent pamphlet highlights the LGBTQ resources available at HCPL. These include titles in fiction, young adult fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, biographies and DVDs that feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people and experiences, as well as stories about parents, friends, and allies. This pamphlet has been put together in cooperation with Point in Time in support of our local LGBTQ community.  Of course, just because this pamphlet features resources that have a LGBTQ focus doesn’t mean you can’t pick one up if you identify as straight. Reading helps generate empathy and understanding, and this list of touching and compelling stories has something for everyone. You can pick up our LGBTQ resource pamphlet at any HCPL branch, and we will be working on developing this resource more to include an online version that you can access from anywhere you have a computer.

Literature featuring gay and transgender characters and issues has actually been a fairly regular part of our collection, but we’re taking the opportunity to highlight this part of our collection leading up to the Kate Reid concert being held at the Haliburton Curling Club on May 21st at 7pm. LGBTQ youth experience stigma and discrimination. Support from family, friends and the community can reduce stress and lead to positive mental health in young LGBTQ individuals. This event hopes to increase community and social support for LGBTQ youth. Funds raised by the concert will go toward Rainbow Youth programming as well as to purchasing more LGBTQ resources at HCPL. If you are interested in the Kate Reid concert tickets are $20 and available at HALCO Electronics in Haliburton, the Organic Times in Minden, or online at

Annual report infographic

Our HCPL by the Numbers infographic – click to see the full sized version.

Bessie Sullivan, County Librarian: Every year I produce an Annual Report that highlights the library’s accomplishments from the preceding year.  The Annual Report is available online at our website and there are a limited number of printed reports at each of our eight branches throughout the county.  The numbers from 2015 indicate that over a third of our population has a library card which entitles you to borrow books, dvds, magazines, books on cd, and download ebooks and audiobooks.  Between all those formats the library circulated more than 160, 000 items which was up 9% from 2014.  Technology continues to be a high growth area at the library; we had more than 10,000 people use our public access computers and over 23,500 hits by people visiting us through our website.  The library attempts to offer services to everyone who lives in Haliburton County or who visit our branches.  Public Libraries become more and more valid as other services diminish and technology evolves, our yearly statistics clearly indicate this fact.  It is definitely a challenge meeting the multifaceted needs of a community from cradle to grave.

If you are not one of the over 6000 people in Haliburton County who have a library card, you can go to any of the eight branches of the library and sign up.  There is no fee for this service; you have already paid for it through your municipal taxes. Join us today the library offers you endless possibilities!

That’s it for this week’s episode of Library Moments, thanks for listening here on 100.9 CanoeFM.

*Originally aired on 100.9 CANOE FM, May 15th – 21st, 2016.


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