Library Moments: DVDs we have enjoyed

filmErin Kernohan-Berning, Branch Services Librarian: Hello, I’m Erin Kernohan-Berning from the Haliburton County Public Library and this is Library Moments. Once a week some of us from the library will come and talk about books, upcoming events, or the services we offer at the library.

DVDs are an increasingly popular item in our collection. Like books, films have the capacity to educate, make us feel empathy, and entertain us. A really well made movie can have much the same effect on us as a really well written book. Our DVDs cover as wide a variety of topics as our book collection – and often one leads to another.

Today, Sherrill Sherwood and I will talk about the variety of DVDs that we have in our collection.

the-power-of-songSherrill Sherwood, Collections Development Coordinator: It was a talking book crossing my desk that led me to watch the DVD Pete Seeger: the power of song .I listen to books on cd while doing dishes in the evening and had thoroughly enjoyed The Storm King, which has Pete Seeger talking about his extraordinary experiences from back in the day as well as singing a few songs. Someone told me they had also enjoyed the DVD Pete Seeger and I ordered it for our library system. Seeger was an American folk singer and social activist. A fixture on nationwide radio in the 1940s, he also had a string of hit records during the early 1950s as a member of the Weavers, most notably their recording of “Goodnight, Irene”, which topped the charts for 13 weeks in 1950. Members of the Weavers were blacklisted during the McCarthy Era. In the 1960s, he re-emerged on the public scene as a prominent singer of protest music in support of international disarmament, civil rights, counterculture and environmental causes. A prolific songwriter, his best-known songs included “If I Had a Hammer” and “Turn! Turn! Turn!” which have been recorded by many artists and are sung throughout the world. The Pete Seeger DVD includes footage and interviews with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, and more. HCPL’S musical dvd collection also includes Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same, Pink Floyd’s The Wall as well as Live At Pompeii, Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, Woodstock, Simon and Garfunkel: the concert in Central Park……there are more but I think I’ve made my point. HCPL is also in the process of acquiring a collection of opera DVDs – these were requested by patrons from different branches, and we listen when you ask! Fans of the Highlands Opera Studio may be especially interested in that selection.  

the-jungle-bookErin: I really like DVDs with book tie ins, and we have many at HCPL. I pretty much cried through The Little Prince, a Canadian/French collaboration which lovingly and beautifully brings Antoine Saint-Exupery’s 1943 tale to a modern audience. Recently I watched the newest installment of The Jungle Book, Disney’s live action remake of their 1963 animated classic and Rudyard Kipling’s work about a boy raised by wolves in the wilds of India – the animation was much like the fantastically lifelike animation featured in Life of Pi, a book/DVD combo we also have in our collection. Recently a patron requested the book The Railway Man by Eric Lomax after watching the movie starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. Recently my sister lamented not being able to watch a movie because she hadn’t yet read the book. Contrary to popular advice, I told her to go for it. Sometimes, a book benefits from the film treatment. I know I got more out of the film version of Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen – we have both. Also, having been lost in the forest over and over again in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, the films directed by Peter Jackson are my main experience with the story of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Whether it is a book or a song that leads you to a DVD, Haliburton County Public Library has a DVD for every interest. Speaking of interests, if you are interested in hearing about Madagascar, join the Friends of the Haliburton County Public Library for their lunch and learn titled Madagascar: Evolution Gone Wild with special guest Janet Heffer. The lunch and learn will be at the Community Room at noon in Haliburton on September 21st. Tickets are $20 and available until September 18th. Visit and click on Friends of HCPL for details. As it turns out, we happen to have a few DVDs about Madagascar (both fiction and nonfiction) in our collection as well.

That’s it for this week’s Library Moments. Thanks for listening here on 100.9 CANOE FM.

*Originally aired on 100.9 CANOE FM September 4th – 10th, 2016.


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