HCPL’s DVD of the Month: Suffragette

suffragetteIt is 1912 and 24-year old Maud Watts is working in a laundry under grueling conditions, contending with dangerous machinery, scalding chemicals, and the leering advances of her boss. But the laundry has become a hotbed of the women’s suffrage movement and Maud soon quietly joins her coworkers in the effort to secure women’s right to vote. When the opportunity to speaking in front of Parliament arises, but fails to fulfill their goal, Maud’s determination is awakened and she joins the fight in earnest. But after being caught in a riot, is arrested, and subsequently outed publically as a suffragette, Maud loses her job and is estranged from her family. But Maud refuses to quit, and continues to fight for the cause despite the tragedy that looms.

Suffragette is a historical drama inspired by true events that took place during the women’s suffrage movement in the UK starring Cary Mulligan as Maud, and also featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Maryl Streep. It is available to reserve at the Haliburton County Public Library.

*Originally published in the Haliburton Echo/Minden Times.


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