HCPL’s Junior Book of the Month: Calvin

calvinCalvin by Martine Leavitt

Calvin is 17 years old when he is suddenly stricken by a schizophrenic episode. He winds up in hospital, plagued by hallucinations of a man-eating tiger. Calvin believes the key to regaining control of his own mind and destiny lies in a man named Bill. To get to Bill, Calvin needs to cross Lake Eerie in January, navigating ice-fishing eccentrics, abandoned cars, and psychokiller snow beings. He is accompanied by the girl of his dreams, Susie. Or has Susie been conjured by his dreams, much like the tiger that always remains just out of view?

Calvin by Martine Leavitt is available to reserve at the Haliburton County Public Library.

*Originally published in the Haliburton Echo/Minden Times.


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