HCPL’s Book of the Month: The Break

the break

The Break by Katherena Vermette

When Stella, a young mother, looks out her window and sees someone in trouble in the barren, snow swept field outside, she calls the police to alert them to a possible crime. What follows is a patchwork of shifting narratives, people who are directly and indirectly connected to the victim and their personal stories leading up to that fateful night. The social worker grappling with a break-up. The artist mourning the death of her sister. The single mother struggling with trust in a new relationship. The homeless teenager just released from youth detention. The Métis police officer feeling caught between two worlds as he patrols Winnipeg’s North End.

The Break by Katherena Vermette is one of 2017’s Evergreen Award selections, part of the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading. Read one or more books through the year and vote for your favourite in September. The Break is available to reserve at the Haliburton County Public Library.

*Originally published in the Haliburton Echo/Minden Times.


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