50 stories: From the Wilberforce branch

This week’s story is from Donna Atkinson from our Wilberforce branch.

“After spending a lot of years at the Wilberforce branch, the biggest change we have had is out new Library and I was impressed with the number of patrons who are proudly bringing in their friends to show them their new library.”


50 stories: Homework! #hcpl50

This week’s story is from Megan Farley who visits our Highland Grove branch.

“We have a cottage near the library where we come quite frequently over the weekends. The library’s resources have helped me many time to finish school projects in time for the following week to come.”


50 stories: Connecting – online and in person #hcpl50

This week’s story is actually two stories from Michelle Richardson who visits our Highland Grove branch. Both are about the library as a place to connect, both in person and online.

“Our local library is a community hub of activity. Since we visit the library seasonally, and live permanently elsewhere, we appreciate being able to meeting up with neighbours at the library. This is often where we learn of local news and happenings, and where we always enjoy friendly greetings and conversations with Joanne, our wonderful branch supervisor.”

“We are seasonal library users. Our cottage is in the Highland Grove area and, while we come to the cottage to “get away from it all”, there are times when we need to be able to connect to the rest of the world. We particularly value the Internet service which allows us to send and receive important communication, and DVD borrowing privileges which allows us to bring the world of entertainment in.”

50 stories: Working from anywhere… #hcpl50

connectedThis week’s story is from Hoojung Jones Kennedy who visits our Gooderham branch.

“Since I work for the Korean Government, it is vital for me to check emails everyday. Gooderham’s library branch provided me with a desk, chair, workstation, and internet access as well as printer. It allows me to work. We use books, CDs and others available to borrow. It is very important to have extended library hours for the cottagers.”

50 stories: It’s about connections #hcpl50

stanhope branchThis week’s story is from Noelia, Branch Assistant at our Stanhope branch.

“My library experience has always centered around connections. Connections to stories, ideas & truths found in books.

Connecting with family & society through communication tools available for use.

Connecting with community members in person.

I love the assortment of individuals who enjoy this public space because it has nothing to do with money or class and everything to do with the potential to grow and learn. I can’t think of many spaces that offer the same.”